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We have added several new pages to the website’s section on healthcare fraud, including:


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Video From Defense And Trial Attorney For DOL, OIG And Healthcare Fraud

This short video features information from trial attorney James S. Bell about the topic of healthcare fraud and other Federal government investigations on healthcare matters from the Department of Labor (DOL), Office of Inspector General (OIG), the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the USPS inspector general healthcare fraud.

TRICARE Fraud Attorney Discusses Topics Pertaining To Healthcare Legal Issues

This video features trial attorney James S. Bell discussing the topic of healthcare fraud as it pertains to TRICARE, compounding pharmacies, toxicology labs, urine and blood laboratories and other medical entities which could get investigated by the Federal government on billing and abuse or fraud issues.

About High Publicity Divorces

A high net worth separation and divorce typically can be a more intricate process than what you would encounter during a typical divorce.  Even though the conventional emotions associated with any divorce is going to be there, a high end divorce is usually a difficult process for both parties.  This is really because entities at night two spouses and children often could happen.

These range from:

* Tax-deffered and pension accounts that are unique including SEP-IRA, Keough and pension plans
* High end or customized insurance policies have to be allocated
* Stock shares, company equity and limited partnerships and living trusts and traditional estate planning instruments must be allocated
* Stock options, golden parachutes, and similar corporate executive benefits has to be allocated
* Unique property which can’t get divided should get allocated including rare works of art, collectibles, gold and silver, vintage cars and vacation or investment properties
* Current prenuptial agreements as well as helping you with post-nuptial agreements
* How your family business can easily still run set up two primary owners/partners are receiving divorced
* Many other special assets or situations have to get addressed in any kind of property division

Also, the well being and future of your family members has to be addressed including:

* Child custody and any visitation rights
* Care for elderly family
* Spousal support
* Modifying child support should one spouse possess a significant increase or decline in wealth and/or income during the following years
* Education for your kids
* Lots of other topics regarding the law as well as your loved ones

Think about looking for attorneys who may have years of experience handling high net worth divorces in your region.   When you call that attorney you should be in a position to set an appointment to discuss your unique situation and also have the lawyers explain the property division laws as well as other family law associated with separation and divorce to your state.

The practice should be capable of assist with correct valuations of your respective assets, and so they can conduct research to discover hidden assets or any other assets (tangible or intangible) which may benefit you after the divorce is finalized.  Ensure that the attorneys get accurate valuations as a way to increase the odds to give you a respectable outcome throughout the processes of property division, infant custody and visitation and also the other elements pertaining to high end divorce.

Child Support Modification Attorney Dallas Fort Worth

The law firm of James Bell, PC is based in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. James Bell and his attorneys can represent you on cases ranging from:

Family Law:
– Divorce and high net worth divorce
– Child support modification, visitation rights and custody issues
– Separation agreements
– Spousal maintenance and alimony
– Divorce decree enforcement

Health Care Law:
– CLIA issues such as OIG and HHS investigations on billing practices of labs like toxicology, urine, blood and compounding pharmacies
– Fraudulent billing of Medicare or Medicaid
– Anti-kickback cases

White Collar Crimes:
– Insider trading and other SEC (or FINRA) violations
– Real estate and mortgage fraud
– Mail and wire fraud
– Embezzlement
– Forgery
– Bribery
– Public corruption
– Computer crimes

The firm is located at:
2808 Cole Ave.
Suite 1000
Dallas, Texas 75204
(214) 668-9000

Thank you and we look forward to hearing about your case soon.