Child Support Modification Attorney Dallas Fort Worth

The law firm of James Bell, PC is based in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. James Bell and his attorneys can represent you on cases ranging from:

Family Law:
– Divorce and high net worth divorce
– Child support modification, visitation rights and custody issues
– Separation agreements
– Spousal maintenance and alimony
– Divorce decree enforcement

Health Care Law:
– CLIA issues such as OIG and HHS investigations on billing practices of labs like toxicology, urine, blood and compounding pharmacies
– Fraudulent billing of Medicare or Medicaid
– Anti-kickback cases

White Collar Crimes:
– Insider trading and other SEC (or FINRA) violations
– Real estate and mortgage fraud
– Mail and wire fraud
– Embezzlement
– Forgery
– Bribery
– Public corruption
– Computer crimes

The firm is located at:
2808 Cole Ave.
Suite 1000
Dallas, Texas 75204
(214) 668-9000

Thank you and we look forward to hearing about your case soon.


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